5 Things We Were Wrong About


Alexis Hampton, Managing Editor

We all know the big stuff like the fact that Christopher Columbus did not discover America and gum doesn’t take 7 years to digest. How wild is it that we actually believed those things, though? It seems crazy now that we know the truth, because the truth makes a lot more sense–especially now that we’re older. Well, get this….there’s more stuff that we were wrong about. At this point, I don’t know what to believe anymore.


Change of rain

You know how on the weather app, it’ll show you a percentage right above the rain symbol. We all just kind of assumed that that means there’s a whatever percent chance that it’s going to rain. Wrong. Apparently, if there’s a rain icon, that means it’s definitely going to rain. Say the weather app is showing that it’s going to rain with 30% above the rain symbol. That means that it’s going to rain, but only in 30% of your area. It’s got something to do with grids and coordinates and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t know anything about, but just know that if a percentage of rain is shown, it may not rain on you, but it will rain somewhere near you. Crazy, right?


You’ve probably heard this one already, but I wanted to draw attention to it again, because what the heck? Am I the only one that thought bears just went into a cave and slept all winter? They actually DON’T do that. First of all, bears aren’t the only animals that hibernate. Hummingbirds, snakes, squirrels and a whole bunch of other animals do it too. Also, they don’t all hibernate the same way. Some animals hibernate underground. Some hibernate underwear. Some hibernate in trees. They don’t even hibernate at the same time. Most importantly, and annoyingly, they don’t sleep all the time. You feel that? That anger coursing through your veins? Me too. You’ve been wrong about hibernation your whole life….unless you’re a biology major or something. If you are, don’t judge us.  

Owl legs

This isn’t really one that people bring a lot of attention to, but we definitely need to start. Owl legs are actually way longer than you think. It’s terrifying. It really looks like they could catch you on foot if you tried to run away from one. Imagine how nightmare inducing that would be. They already have one of the most intense gazes. They always look at you like you’re in trouble. Add that to the thought of one running after you? Absolutely not. Whose idea was that? Unacceptable.



Pluto IS a planet. Remember when everybody was saying it was just a big rock or something? That’s false. I don’t know about you, but I was originally taught that Pluto was a “kinda planet.” Basically, that it wasn’t a planet, but people like to pretend it is. It’s the same thing that we do with the letter “Y.” Apparently, it’s an actual planet 100% of the time. It’s just a dwarf planet. I won’t bore you with what that means, but it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. 



Bats are not blind. That saying “blind as a bat” makes no sense. Bats actually have better eyesight that humans. They’re eyesight is actually 3 times better than us. If I had to guess where that notion came from, I’d say it’s probably because bats’ eyes are so small, but that’s not an issue for their sight. They can even see when it’s pitch black. Sure, their vision isn’t super colorful, but that’s not necessary to their survival. Let’s put some respect on their name, because you and your 20/20 vision could never.