Some Tik Toks you Definitely Favorited for Summer 2021


Tatiana Joseph-Saunders, Culture Reporter

These past few months, I feel like I have seen so many Tik Toks on my For You Page (FYP), all of which are recommending either something my friends and I just have to do this summer or something I should buy for the summer. I have been bookmarking them and sending them to friends this entire semester, and wanted to dig through them. I’m going to list some I found and hopefully, you can refer to this when you have some free time! I am going to add to this list as new ideas show up on my FYP until the last day of school, so keep an eye out!


Buy a cheap camcorder and record your summer

This is a recent trend I’ve seen, though it stopped going viral maybe 2 days after the first video popped up on my FYP. It basically encourages you to buy a cheap camcorder for the sake of recording everything you do this summer. I do think it’ll be a memorable summer for everyone since it will feel like it’s been forever since you could do some of the things you’ve wanted, at least for some people. I am all for making memories and keeping them for the future, so I really hope people follow through on this one.


21+ Drink Rounds

This is a trend I have seen going around for a couple of weeks now, every time I see a version of it it may have a different twist or drink I never knew about. It requires a group of friends to get together, and then each person in the group makes their own signature drink to share with their friends. Sometimes all the drinks could pertain to a theme, one video I saw stated that each round correlated to a specific memory of one friend in the group. I feel like if I did this I would be most impressed with the different kinds of drinks everyone would offer.


21+ Tinder Night

I thought this was such a creative way to get drunk. It’s better explained in the Tik Tok and the creator offered more detailed rules on their page. Basically, a group of friends sign up for Tinder together, using one account, and depending on who appears on your screen0 you drink. You are going to drink if you end up matching with someone, potential references someone could make if someone is posing with a fish, and much more.


Guessing Games @ Horror Movie Night

I love movie nights with friends, especially if it’s a scary movie, and this idea would only make them better. You and a group of friends get together and choose a really cheesy horror movie to watch. Then after watching the first 20 minutes of the movie, you and your friends each choose someone who they think is going to die first. And the rest of the night is spent with friends cheering and yelling about their chosen character vs someone else’s.


Car Makeover

There was a period of time, maybe a month earlier this semester where I kept getting videos about the really cool, funny, weird, and/or amazing ways people made over their cars. Whether it was focusing on the interior or exterior, I have seen some pretty unique transformations. So if that’s your thing, here’s your reminder to try something different with your car this summer. 


Glamping with a *lot* of friends

I love this idea, I just do not love the price. BUT, if that’s not a point of concern for you then this is so cool. The video shows a 20-person tent that friends can buy and go camping with, and it seems pretty comfortable. It also looks like you could ‘visit’ other friends in the tent, without having to get out of the massive enclosure.


That’s all for now, but I’m sure I’ll see some videos I just have to remember and will eventually add to this list!