Prepping for Finals Week


Alexis Hampton, Managing Editor

Finals week is upon us. It’s almost over. Stay the course, folks. It’ll all be done soon. I know we all want this semester to be over with a quickness and we’re just moments away from giving up–but not yet. We have to finish strong. Most importantly, take care of yourself before and during your finals. How can you do that? Here are a few ways.


Attend review sessions

This is such an underrated resource. Professors do want us to succeed (most of the time) and they really do offer a lot of helpful information at their review sessions. Sometimes, taking good notes will only get you so far. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions about concepts that you don’t understand. Talk to your professor about your concerns. They want to help you, especially if you make an effort.

Stay well rested

I know how easy it is to stay up super late and cram for that one exam that you’re nervous about, but I can guarantee you’ll do a lot better on your exams if you are well rested. Start studying early in the day and go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Try to limit your caffeine intake for finals week, as well. It will only encourage you to stay up later. Speaking of which…

Caffeine is your friend, not your savior

Please don’t use caffeine to drive you through finals week. It is not healthy. I know coffee is a personality trait for most college students, and we love a good energy drink, but keep it in moderation. If you really need a small boost, try a green tea drink–or maybe a refresher. Keep it light. 

Study all materials (not just the study guide)

This is what always gets me when it comes to final exams. The study guides often cover the most important material on the final, but not all of it. If you really want to succeed on your exams, study everything. Most importantly, don’t just study to memorize. Study to understand. Try learning the material to a level where you can teach someone else the information. That’s when you know you’re truly ready.

Keep yourself nourished

Make sure you are eating. I cannot stress this enough. I noticed that it’s becoming more common for people who are stressed or overwhelmed to forget to eat. I know you might not feel like you’re hungry, but make sure you’re keeping yourself fed. It will give you the energy and nutrients you need to get through the day finals week.