LGBTQ+ Celebrities Who Recently Came Out


What does it mean to “come out” or “come out the closet”? These terms are used in the LGBTQ+ community to describe the event where someone discloses their sexual orientation or identity – whether publicly or to themselves.

As we celebrate Pride Month, it’s important to also celebrate our public figures who choose to identify themselves to the world – despite possible scrutiny.

Let’s look at some celebrities who have come out recently.

Singer/songwriter Kehlani has long self-identified as queer and nonbinary with she/they pronouns. Known as a LGBTQ+ icon due to their proud queer anthems like “Honey” and “1st Position,” Kehlani came out as a lesbian in an intimate Instagram live. After the clip went viral, Kehlani confirmed her announcement that she “finally knows” they’re a lesbian in since deleted tweets.

Neicy Nash
Most known for their roles in “Reno 911!” and “Clean House”, the 51-year-old actress made headlines after marrying singer/songwriter Jessica Betts. Although Nash’s love for women is new to us, she told People magazine she “was not suppressing my sexuality my whole life.” The newlywed affectionately refers to their marriage to Betts as being honest with who she loves rather than coming out.

Jojo Siwa
After months of speculation, YouTube star and global entertainer Jojo Siwa announced that they are a member of the LGBTQ+ community in a Twitter post by wearing a gifted t-shirt saying “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever” in January. Siwa introduced her 10.8 million Instagram followers to her girlfriend, Kylie Prew, in February. She initially avoided labeling her sexuality, but said she’s “technically pansexual” and likes the term “queer” in a People magazine exclusive.

Elliot Page
“Juno” and “Umbrella Academy” actor, Elliot Page, came out as transgender December 2020 in an Instagram text post. They announced that their name would change from Ellen to ” Elliot and that their pronouns were now he/they. Their coming out message included a heartfelt message regarding the abuse trans communities face saying, “I see you, I love you, and I will do everything I can to change this world for the better.”

Colton Underwood
Former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestant, Colton Underwood, came out as gay in an April interview with “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts. Underwood emotionally told Roberts “I’m gay. And I came to terms with that earlier this year and have been processing it. And the next step in all of this was sort of letting people know.”

Demi Lovato
Former Disney star and acclaimed singer/songwriter, Demi Lovato, came out as pansexual on Joe Rogan’s “Experience” podcast in March. Later this year, Lovato later came out nonbinary on Twitter. Lovato wrote, ” Today is the day…I am proud to let you know that I identify as nonbinary & will officially be changing my pronouns to they/them moving forward.”

Chris Stuckmann
YouTube movie critic, Chris Stuckmann, came out to his 1.93M subscribers as pansexual in a January video. He discussed how his Jehovah Witness upbringing affected his struggles with his sexuality and identity. “I referred to myself publicly as straight for a long time because I was afraid of being officially disfellowshipped and losing my family,” Stuckmann revealed. “It’s 2021. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be as honest about myself as possible. And I have definitely kept that resolution.”

Alexandra Shipp
Most known for their roles in “Straight Outta Compton” and” X-Men”, Alexandra Shipp kicked out Pride Month by coming out as a member of the LBQTQ+ community this June. The 29-year-old actor and singer expressed their struggles with their sexuality and societal acceptance saying ” Scared. Scared. Scared. It’s exhausting being scared all the time. It’s exhausting chasing other people’s ideas and opinions of who you should be.” Shipp went on to proudly write “I have #pride in who I am and what I’m doing on this planet. I am myself and I love LOVE.”

T.J. Osborne
36-year-old country music star, T.J. Osborne of Brothers Osborne came out as gay in a February Time magazine interview. The “Stay a Little Longer” singer says, “I’m very comfortable being gay,” and felt him not being open about his sexuality was “painful” and “isolating.” Osborne was tired of hiding part of himself and said “I want to get to the height of my career being completely who I am.”

Gigi Gorgeous
Trans icon, Gigi Gorgeous, came out as pansexual in an April YouTube video. She owns her journey from identifying as a gay male to a trans woman, a lesbian trans woman, and now a pansexual trans woman proudly. Gorgeous credits her husband’s transition to a trans man for helping “unlock” her true self. She says she realized that she fell in love with her husband’s “soul and not his gender identity.”

Emma Corin
Emma Corrin, most known for her Golden Globe-winning performance in Netflix’s “The Crown”, came out as queer through an Instagram post. Corrin posted a photo in bridal wear captioned “ur fave queer bride.”