The Guide to a Long Distance Relationship


Dating in college, especially during a pandemic, can be a challenge. That challenge can become even harder when a few hundred miles comes in between you and your partner. While it can be a big thing to tackle, spicing things up with creative date nights, or even just how to communicate better, can change your relationship. Here are some things that have been tested and approved from 509 miles apart!

Find The Time
Two different people, with two different schedules can be a mess to organize, but making time for each other is a must. Setting out a planned or unplanned schedule can allow for some well needed bonding time. Take the time out of your day to send mini voice memos, small calls, or even mini video vlogs to let your partner know youre still alive, and interested.

Take Date Night Seriously…or Don’t
Date night can be as serious as a planned dinner over facetime or as silly as streaming a show together. Whatever you choose, create your own personal date night just the way you want! Small things like: making a powerpoint, dressing up in silly outfits, or even doing quizzes together can ease a lot of the pressure of long distance.

Don’t Make Everything Virtual
The internet and all that comes with it can be such a blessing, but it isn’t everything. It can be 80% of long distance, but don’t let it limit services like mailing a package or simple letter to your partner. Make use of the mail trucks and send items like: handmade items, clothing, scented hand-written letters, or art and crafts for future date ideas!

Communicate Everything
Talking about how you’re feeling can be hard, but oftentimes reviewing how you feel about your partner can help remind them what you both are working for. Long distance can cause lots of strain, and letting your partner know what works and doesn’t work for you is a big help. If you have an issue with your partner about their behavior, or even just small things of how you would prefer future date nights to be, talk to them. They cannot read your mind!

Keep the Spark Alive
A lot of the passion you had before can feel strained or lost with time, even checking in on your partner can do so much. Many people look to physical affection to display love, and this can be impossible for long distance couples. While sending cute selfies as a reminder you’re more than a face, even a plane ticket or road trip can be a big uplift. Talk to your partner and make arrangements to meet halfway or visit as a reminder it won’t be a long distance forever.