Jupiter Retrograde: What’s the Big Deal?


Uh-oh. It’s that time of the year again. Jupiter is now in retrograde until Oct. 17.

First of all, what does retrograde even mean?

When a planet goes retrograde, this means the planet appears to move backwards in its orbit. This motion is believed to affect the energetic outcomes of the planet – making things feel out of place for us.

The planet most well-known for retrograding is our smallest planet, Mercury.

Every planet rules over specific characteristics of life and Mercury rules over communication. During Mercury retrograde, we might find that we have a hard time speaking, setting appointments or even using technology.

When Mercury is in retrograde, we should take it easy, pay attention and not make rash decisions.

So, what does that mean for Jupiter retrograde?

Jupiter rules growth, abundance, wealth and luck. When Jupiter is in retrograde, we can feel more stagnant or like our growth is stunted. Suddenly, your typical routine becomes tedious or you find out you didn’t get the internship you were hoping for.

It could seem like our personal goals or moving farther and farther out of reach.

Jupiter retrograde brings parts of yourself that you’ve been avoiding to the forefront. It makes you focus on what’s working and what isn’t – whether you want to or not.

Jupiter retrograde leads us to ask ourselves questions like:

“Is this the right major for me?”
“Are my goals really attainable?”
“Do I even like my job?”
“Have I been my true self?”

Don’t panic. If there is any time to ask yourself these types of questions, it’s now.

Jupiter retrograde is a beautiful time for self-reflection and soul-searching. What could seem scary or frustrating is really an opportunity for positive change.

Use this energy to your advantage and come out even stronger than before!