GS Club Breakdown


Yasmeen Waliaga, Contributor

At a school with over 20,000 students, how does each person know where to cultivate their interests? The best way to start enjoying yourself while making friends at the same time in college is to look into the many clubs that the university has to offer. There is a student organization for almost everything you could imagine.


Academic organizations not only teach you more about what you’re studying, but also can add something impressive to a resume. Being involved in a club related to your major will give you opportunities and advice related to your field, and the chance to expand your network. Georgia Southern offers many academic organizations, many of which are part of a larger national system.

With such a wide variety of academic clubs at Georgia Southern, it will be easy to find one that suits your area of study.

Business-related organizations: the Accounting Association, Finance Association, Logistics Association, Construction Management Association of America, and Justice Studies Club.. There are also engineering societies for many of the different types of engineering.
Health-related fields: Public Health Student Association, Future Pharmacists Association, Pre-Dental Society, Pre-Physician Assistant Association, and Psychology Coalition.
Education/Sociology: The Child and Family Development Club
Exercise Science/Nutrition: Southern Exercise Science Club, Nutrition and Food Science Association.
Communication Arts: National Association of Black Journalists and George-Anne Media Group.

Religion, Culture, and Language

Georgia Southern also offers clubs that allow students to practice their religions and learn about other cultures. Religious clubs are a good way for individuals to connect with others that share their beliefs.

Religion: Christian Campus Fellowship, Alpha Delta Chi, Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ, Catholic Eagles, Chi Alpha, Campus Outreach, Hillel.

Culture/Language – African Student Association, Arabic Club, Caribbean Student Association, Chinese Cultural Society, Korean Club, Cross Cultural Friendships, Indian Student Association, Japanese Club, Diversity Peer Educators, Association of Latin American Students, International Student Organization, and French Club.

The Arts

For the creative students, GSU provides opportunities for membership in clubs related to both creativity and performing arts.

Art – Club Mud
Design – Interior Design Association
Fashion – D.I.M.E.S., Visage Fashion Company, Fashion Menagerie
Writing – Creative Writing Club
Video – Anime Club or the Filmmaker’s Guild of Georgia Southern
Singing – Black Choral Association
Dancing – Dyverzion Dance Team, Forte Step Team, Latin Rhythm Dance Group, or Coalition Crew
Acting – Masquers


There are several groups for students interested in helping others through service.
Community Service – Circle K International, Green Ambassadors, and Helping Hands
Creatures – One Health Organization or Habitat for Humanity
Miracle is a club and a yearly event that supports Children’s Miracle Network.

More organizations and Information can be found in Eagle Engage on your MyGeorgiaSouthern. Also, be on the lookout for Georgia Southern’s Org Fair, which is held each semester.