Fashion Tips For GS Football Games

Football season is coming soon, and the stadium will be back at 100% capacity. Game day fashions are a priority here at GS, so what does this mean for your closet? Maybe it means new additions, or bringing back some trusty favorites. Let’s save you that extra hour of figuring out what you’re going to wear. Here are some tips for game day fashion.

Grab Your Classics
Before you make it into the stadium you’ll see fans of all ages, genders, backgrounds coming together in eagle colors of navy blue, gold, and white. While you can see merchandise of all kinds and styles, the classics to any football game is wearing the school colors. You can find some great pieces at Southern Exchange Company or the University Bookstore. Balling on a budget? Check out Walmart instead.

Make It Your Own
If the basics are too simple for you, just remember you can always make it your own. Many students can be seen wearing fashion, and other accessories they have attuned to fit the football season of GSU. Don’t know where to start? We’ve seen painted jackets, ensemble cowboy hats, and small things like customized shirts. Accessories are key to a good personalized look.

Don’t Forget Stickers, Pins, Tattoos, and More
Not everyone wants a bedazzled cowboy hat, or may have the time to create full outfits. Nothing can add a little extra love for the game like a GS sticker or temporary tattoo on your cheek. Bringing a small bag, or wanna add some embellishments, try a pin! Clip it onto your shirt, pants, bag, or lanyard to show your support.

Don’t Limit Your Support
GS football games can be hot, and crazy outfits may need a special type of support for four hours. Be mindful that you’ll be dealing with heat, sweat, and whatever else that may come during a game, sometimes rain. Be prepared with hair ties, head bands, bows, and clips, or whatever the weather report recommends.

Safety Can Be Fashionable
While masks are not required, for those who choose to wear a mask, don’t be shy to give it a little love. A cute pin or a simple GS colored mask can make it match with any outfit.

In the end, no matter how minimalist or maximalist you choose to be with your outfit, if nothing works for you in your closet try the University store. A safe place for timeless Eagles gear. Always remember to be safe and have fun, no matter what outfit you choose to rock this season. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to show us your style!