Help! I Don’t Have a Car!


Annie Mohr, Contributor

Going to college without a car might seem stressful at first- you might be asking yourself how you are going to get around or dreading the amount of walking you’ll be doing.

Truth be told for freshmen it’s not all that bad. Living on campus for your first year is a huge plus as you’re already close to everything and nothing is more than a short walk away. Along with that we have the transit system, busses that run during classes, final exams, football game days, and Spring & Fall commencement. The busses start running as early as 7 am and stop running their routes at 9 pm Monday through Thursday and run until 6pm on Fridays.

“Life with no license [or car] is not as hard as you’d think,” sophomore psychology major Madeline Smith talks about her life without a car and license. “Just because Statesboro is a small campus and we have the bus system, and I have pretty cool friends that drive me around.”

The only real struggles is getting to places off campus. Statesboro is full of restaurants, fun places and fun things to do that are a little bit farther than walking distance from the dorms but don’t fear- even though you might not have a car there are still ways to get around. Although Statesboro might be a small town, we’re innovated enough with a newer way of getting around- Uber. If you’re not looking to spend money on a ride though there are other options, like getting a friend with a car that would be willing to possibly drive you places.

“For me being student at Georgia Southern without a car isn’t so bad. I can’t really do anything off campus as much as I would want to, but life on campus isn’t too hard with no car,” freshman computer sciences major Jarrad Dramiga said, gives his perspective. “In summary I would say this: there’s a lot of walking/biking, a lot of riding the bus and a lot of goodness in the hearts of my roommates.”

So, don’t be worried if you’re coming to college without a car! You’ve got options of getting around this pretty little campus available, and plus getting in an extra couple of steps everyday can help you avoid that dreaded Freshman 15.