Students react to drug busts around campus

Shenanigans staff arrested on multiple drug counts, students react

Eden Hodges, Editor-in-Chief

Statesboro police arrested seven people suspected of selling cocaine in bars around Georgia Southern’s campus this weekend, which included a bartender, a bouncer and a night manager at Shenanigans. 

“I’m surprised it took this long,” said Rachel Blair. “I’m happy it closed down… I think it’ll be good for some of my friends that it closed down,” said Rachel Blair, a GS student.

Freshmen walking to and from class from Eagle Village might see Shenanigans at least twice a day, and all of the bars where suspects were arrested are within walking distance of campus, according to SPD.

“I used to live at EV and I was creeped out to walk past ‘nans and get back to the dorm,” said GS student Ivory Darby. “The whole atmosphere was just kind of creepy and sketchy. It just kind of made me uncomfortable as a girl, you know.”

SPD and GS’ Department of Public Safety said this operation is one of the many examples of joint efforts to keep drug dealers from preying on the students and residents in the area. 

“I will say I’ve never seen any cocaine in like a fraternity house, but I have been told that Shenanigans was where you would do it in the bathroom, so maybe it’s for the best that it’s no longer with us,” said Evan McCullough. 

Police say reports of drug sales inside Shenanigans and other bars surrounding campus launched a months-long investigation by the Statesboro Police Department and Georgia Southern’s Impact team which found the Shenanigans’ staff’s involvement in the sales.

With the help of various bar staff, the Impact Team continued arresting suspects in bars around Statesboro through the night. Officers tracked down one more suspect to his home on Saturday, and Monday the eighth suspect turned himself in. Statesboro Police are still looking for Nicolas Sparacia of Statesboro.

Police told the George-Anne that the Statesboro City Council will decide if Shenanigans will get to keep their liquor license. The George-Anne has reported the bar does have a history here, having their license suspended back in 2015 for underage-sales of alcohol.

Since the drug bust, Shenanigans closed its doors, and whether the bar will reopen is unclear. The George-Anne is still following this story.