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Last week in Statesboro, a student-organized Farmers Market was displayed on East Main street. Tables were filled with small businesses from across Statesboro. Featured on the small street, vendors sold shirts, food and everything in between.

Art filled the street as they presented their craft that ranged from paint to pottery. Walking towards the end of East Main, a small business could be seen selling pottery and other works of 3D crafts. However, from the beginning you could see many painters had taken this as an opportunity to sell their painted canvases. Nekeda’s Art, run by Nekeda Williams, showcased her portraits of the human form and embraced all body styles in her art. “I believe my art speaks for itself,” said Williams.

Fashion definitely was not missing, with vendors selling all sorts of trendy items. Personalized items were a big part of the vendors this year with many selling shirts, and even dog bandanas that could be embroidered right before your eyes.

Something that you don’t see often at farmers’ markets is self care. ChancexMoon skincare sold eye masks, head bands, skin care products and more. Other vendors also sold skincare and beauty related products. Natural made products were also a big trend at the market, with homemade body butters making an appearance at multiple tables. A small metaphysical store offered more products such as salts and crystals.

…And it wouldn’t be a farmers market without food. While some local businesses such as Rolling Monkey and The Saucy Shrimp were there with small food carts, some small businesses offered fruit cups with yogurt or cake pops. Vendors sold sweet handmade treats to locals, with Native String Gifts selling chocolate breakable hearts, and stickers as well.

All the locals looked to be enjoying the college vendors, and even the band that had played in the background. All the vendors had smiles and were eager to share about their business with most busy at work selling their product. Market on Main was a successful hit for all ages and hosted an array of small businesses that had something for everyone.

For more information about the Market on Main, click here.

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