How are professors handling COVID-19?

Briyanna Thompson, Correspondent

Spikes in COVID-19 cases at the semester’s start emptied seats in classrooms and forced some classes online as professors and students alike got sick.

“My family and friends they’ve all said, the fact that I got it is strange, because I’m not one to go out to eat,” said Jennifer Kowalewski, an associate professor at Georgia Southern. “I’m not one to hang out, you know. I’ve been very cautious and so I think I would tell people just to, you know, be caring, be cautious.”

While being on day thirteen of her quarantine, Kowalewski has been continuing her classes through Zoom and with help of other colleagues helping or even substitute teaching. 

“I’m struggling to get through but I want to make sure that my students get the best education that they can and understand everything in this class while I am out.” 

While catching Covid not only affects professors but students as well, many have already had to put attending classes in person on hold. GS students Gretchen and Cailey Dunnell both had COVID-positive professors.

Both Gretchen and Cailey have said that their professors are handling the situation very well. “Both of my professors told the class through a folio announcement. One of mine had been exposed but was vaccinated so he kept us informed during our in person classes about his situation and his testing,” said Gretchen. 

“We have a few assignments on Folio, and they’re pretty easy,” said Dunnell. “ I just prefer doing work in person.”

Gretchen told George-Anne that her classes continued through Zoom, “I like this method because I can stick to my daily routine.” 

“I don’t feel the need to quarantine because I am vaccinated and am always wearing my mask, but I plan on getting tested soon,” said Gretchen.

While COVID-19 cases are starting to dip in numbers, Kowalewski encourages GS students and employees to wear a mask and get vaccinated, “Remember that we’re all still in this together.”