Students being waitlisted to buy parking passes

Vanessa Countryman, Correspondent

With a little over 3000 parking spaces left on the Statesboro campus, Georgia Southern’s Parking and transportation started waitlisting students trying to purchase parking permits.

Parking lots started to sell out before the school year even started. First, lot 41 sold out in May and then lots 32, 30, 21 sold out in August, according to the Director of Parking and Transportation Services, Derrick Davis.

“Each week we take inventory of all of our commuter lots and if the lots are more than 90% we will not release anyone on the waitlist,” Davis stated. “We want to make sure if someone has a parking permit for a specific lot, there are always parking spaces available,” he added. 

Faculty and staff are not included on the waitlist, and when the capacity decreases to less than 90%, the first students on the waitlist will be notified. 

Davis stated that parking permits for certain lots are expected to be available soon and everyone on that waitlist will be notified within the next few weeks.

There are 16,967 parking spaces across campus and 13,889 student permits have been sold, according to Davis. 

In response to limited parking, “Lot 29, former UV residence hall, is being used as a Commuter lot now and some of the former residence halls will be demolished and the parking lot will be expanded,”  Davis stated.

 All students on the waitlist for lot 11 were notified that it is now available to purchase. Lot 13, 21, 30, 31, 32, 42 are all still on the waitlist right now.

Students can only park at Paulson Stadium without having a parking permit in order to avoid a ticket.