Parking issues over $250K in tickets in first 8 weeks of class

Parking issues over $250K in tickets in first 8 weeks of class

Vanessa Countryman, Correspondent

Georgia Southern has issued close to $300 thousand dollars worth of parking tickets in the first 37 days of classes this semester, according to open records requests received by the George-Anne.

August 11, 2021 – September 30, 2021

The highest ticketed lot, since August of this year, is the Russell union faculty and staff lot with 1006 tickets given and an issue amount of $22,230.

Many of these tickets have not been paid, however, meaning GS Parking and Transportation has only taken in $6,500 of that revenue with appeals and unpaid tickets taken into account.

The lot with the most revenue this semester is Lot 21 behind the Dining Commons, with 924 tickets issued making for $22,950 in potential revenue.

In total, the University has given 11,921 parking tickets across both campuses and has made $81,390 in revenue since the semester began, issuing $273,790 worth of citations. As of October 5, the university is missing $192,400 of that revenue from this semester’s issued tickets in either unpaid or appealed tickets.

August ’20 – July ‘21

The last academic year, GS issued $843,185 worth of total citations from August 2020 – July 2021, according to an open records request obtained by the George-Anne. The total citation revenue received during that time from those tickets and others from years previous is $563,869.

Lot 32 behind the Engineering Building was the most ticketed lot during that time. Over $52 thousand in parking tickets were made in that lot alone. 

Adding in the revenue from parking permits purchased, from August 17, 2020 until May 1, 2021 GS took in over $1 million in revenue, or $1,030,283.03 to be exact.

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