Students and Faculty Share Their Thoughts on Celebrate Together


Samantha Farrington

Ariel view of the free-shirt booth

Samantha Farrington, Staff Writer

There is a lot of stuff to do. I saw it yesterday while riding my bike through and then asked someone about it and they said it was to celebrate. It’s really cool and I really like it, it’s a good idea. ”

— Kai Lafollette, Freshman

I love the event, I feel like this is the most people I’ve seen on campus in a long time and everybody seems to be really enjoying it. ”

— Andrea Bramble, Junior

I’m a Georgia Southern Alum but I was based on the Statesboro campus. However I have lived in Savannah all of my life so I’ve definitely been on the Armstrong campus and my mom got her Master’s from Armstrong that would hold a special place in my heart and I’m just excited to be here for this particular event and I’m glad that they brought it back. ”

— -Madison Holmes Coordinator of Employer Relations

It’s so good to be out here with everyone and hopefully the students will enjoy it and get the whole purpose of why we are here especially because we’ve had so much disruption it’s so nice to just sort of feel normal. ”

— Dr. Joanne Chopak-Foss Associate Professor & MPH Program Director

There’s so much here normally you don’t find all of this it’s a few clubs at one time or organizations or departments and here on the Armstrong Celebrate Day it’s everything that this campus has to offer and I think sometimes students forget that there is really so much going on here, and I think that’s really exciting for them to come out and see all this and be able to participate in the dunk tank, mechanical bull, we got rock climbing wall behind us. So there’s a lot and I encourage all the students to get involved as much as possible and reach out to faculty.”

— Dr. Caitlin Brady Assistant Professor Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology

I also think it’s a great way for our commuter students, who sometimes come to campus and have to leave for work or have to leave for other things and they miss events that happen, you know, 5 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m. This is a great way for them to be involved all day and get to talk to the people that they wish they could talk to for other events so it’s a one-stop-shop I guess “Everything Armstrong.””

— Dr. Kristin Llyod Assistant Professor Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology

I’m just here to really check out all the programs and everything because right now I’m in a major that I’m not so certain about so I came here to look at different options so it’s a really good opportunity, honestly.”

— Jessica Cerone, Sophomore

“So glad to have it back and I think it’s great for the Armstrong community, well GSU community.” ”

— John Wright, Assistant Professor Theater Department

“The Armstrong campus lost a lot through consolidation and it’s time to bring back those Armstrong traditions and help the people of Savannah feel more connected to the Armstrong campus again, so I’m glad they’ve had this event today.”

— Russell Willerton, Professor Department of Writing and Linguistics

I’m having a really good time. I heard about it a little bit before but coming out of class and seeing this whole set-up was really exciting.”

— Ayanna Hollman, Sophomore

We just wanted to experience the Armstrong campus. We have a lot of co-workers who work here but we never get to see them, never get to hang out with them, so it’s just a way to be inclusive and come visit our sister campus.”

— Olivia Purdue, Statesboro Staff Member

I love the event, I feel like this is the most people I’ve seen on campus in a long time, and everybody seems to be really enjoying it.”

— Andrea Bramble, Junior

It really reminds me of how Celebrate Armstong used to be back in the day. It’s a good turnout seeing everybody just walking to class, just seeing people that you haven’t seen before and connecting two different parts of the campus.”

— Aster Johnson, Senior

I think it’s fantastic, I love it, everyone’s having a good time. Hopefully, it’s bringing a sense of belonging and community in.”

— Dr. Gemma Skuraton, Health Promotion Coordinator

“It looks really fun, the tents and everything looks really attractive. There’s a lot of free food, a lot of free stuff, and free games. I was kind of annoyed going to class today because I had a test then I walked out here, just a lot of stress relief and good times.”

— Holly Rumble, Senior

I just wanted to come out and see all the great vendors and have a great time and enjoy the great weather. It’s a great turnout and it’s a great way for the student body to become more connected on campus.”

— Charles Otto, Junior