Sculpt and Slide with Sadia

Sculpt and Slide with Sadia

Mckenzie Kerrigan, Managing Editor

Some have dreamed of being fit and healthy, becoming an Instagram influencer or meeting your favorite celebrities. Well Georgia Southern now has the chance to meet someone who has done it all, while working out themselves.

Meet Sadia Yansaneh 

Sadia, who many may recognize as @Simplytone on Instagram, is someone who has done all of these things. As a celebrity trainer and business coach, she has created her very own brand and workout class, ‘Sculpt and Slide’. 

Before her journey towards success and fame, she was a college student at Georgia Southern. So how did she start her own workout brand and become recognized by so many?

Sadia started where many of us are right now, in Statesboro. As a student, she held jobs, was a part of teams and took some of the classes you may be taking now. Her campus involvement ranged from track & field to leading Habitat for Humanity’s student organization. 

After she graduated, she started working towards a goal. Atlanta. Here she opened her first personal training business dedicated to helping people achieve their physical goals. 

Celebrities began to notice her unique routine and dedication to fitness. When the pandemic struck, Sadia took the opportunity to grow and expand to more than just Atlanta. 

She expanded her campaign across social media, and now travels to share what she has learned about body sculpting and business coaching.

You can be a part of her journey too!

Starting your fitness, influencer or business journey can be hard, but who better to talk to than Sadia herself! 

Tomorrow, Jan. 26, starting at 6 p.m. at the RAC mac gym, you can join Sadia for a look at her unique workout routine. There will also be giveaways, a 360 photo booth and a live Dj. 

You will not want to miss this one-time only event to exercise alongside this fit and famous, GS alumna. Pre-register at