The perfect Saturday in Statesboro

Lauren Sabia, Editor-In-Chief

With the cold weather and start of a new semester, some may feel a bit stuck and stressed out. It may feel like there is nothing to do in this little town, at least to the untrained eye. 

Truthfully, Statesboro at this time of the year can sometimes feel like that one scene in “Twilight New Moon” where Bella sits in the same chair looking out the window for months. 

This has got to end. We are young, fun and need to get out of the house. Look no further, this article is perfect for you if you are looking for ways to spend the perfect Saturday in Statesboro. 

Grab your significant other, a friend, girl gang or just venture off on your own to explore the town. Check out the recommendations below for how to spend your morning, afternoon and night. 

Good Morning

What better way to kick off your Saturday morning than with a cup of coffee, and a cheap one at that. Daily Grind and Cool Beanz are some great options, both located around Downtown, to get that caffeine buzz going for your eventful day ahead. 

For some breakfast sandwiches, donuts, pastries, and their infamous sausage rolls, check out Daylight Donuts. Although, if you are having a later start to your day (we’ve all been there), maybe brunch is more up your alley. A top pick would have to be Del Sur, where their chicken and waffle tacos and hash brown bowl are a must.

After breakfast, walk around downtown and visit some of the unique shops and venues. The Averitt Center for the Arts, The Flowergirl, Galactic Comics and Games and Stella Clothing Boutique are just a few examples of the many. 

If you are in the mood to do some antique shopping, check out The Hot Vintage Market, Heirloom and Charlie’s Funky Junk Shop. There really is something for everyone in the ever-expanding Downtown Statesboro. 

Now that you have shopped til you dropped, and maybe spent a little too much money, it is time to venture back to Georgia Southern’s campus for some budget-friendly activities. 

Afternoon Adventures

For those that had an earlier breakfast, you may be getting a little hungry. Pick up some delicious to-go food from your favorite restaurant and head to Sweetheart Circle, with a blanket in hand, for a picnic under the oak trees. 

Some lunch-spot inspiration and popular picks include Bites for burgers, Nonna Picci for pizza, or A-Town for wings. You could even give the brand new Chipotle a whirl. 

“My favorite restaurant is Bites because it is fast, affordable, and has a large menu,” said Stephanie Payne, a sophomore at GS. 

Enjoy your friends’ company or bring a book to read. Either way, listening to the wind blow through the trees and birds chirp (while you avoid the anthills of course) will be the most relaxing way to rest after all the shopping. 

A free and school-spirited activity to participate in is cheering on the Eagles at the upcoming basketball and baseball games on Saturdays this season. 

Women’s basketball has a game tomorrow, January 29th. Both men’s and women’s teams have a home game on February 5th. Baseball has a game at J.I. Clements Stadium on February 26th.

Night Bites 

For dinner, we have even more delicious dining options. Some of our favorite restaurants include Tandoor and Tap, Orchid, Gnat’s Landing and Coconut Thai Cuisine. 

Orchid is the best restaurant in Statesboro!” said Clair Crow, a junior at GS. “I love the food, ambiance and staff. I’ve had nothing but good experiences there.” 

For some drinks after dinner (21+), head to Eagle Creek Brewery in downtown, where they have a wide range of ales and IPAs to choose from. 

They have an assortment of card or board games to play like Uno and even Statesboro Monopoly. Also, every once in a while live music will fill your ears as you sip.

Another option for after dinner can include bowling, laser tag, arcade game-playing and go-karting at the Clubhouse. Open until 11 p.m. on Saturdays, this is your one-stop-shop for all things fun!

Finally, for the perfect, sweet treat to end your perfect Saturday, we recommend Rolling Monkey for some ice cream. You can load up on toppings and enjoy watching the staff roll out ice cream after spelling out your name or adding a smiley face with syrup. 

Hopefully, you will be able to sleep well after all of the delicious food consumed, despite your pockets being empty from maybe spending a little too much money while shopping. 

Either way, exploring our community and all of the incredible local businesses will leave you with a smile from ear-to-ear, and memories that will last well beyond graduation and moving on from Statesboro.