A Timeline of Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s Relationship


Mckenzie Kerrigan, Managing Editor

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you may have heard Rihanna dropped the long-awaited album! Did we say album? We meant baby! Before we get to that, let’s see where it first started…


Rihanna and ASAP Rocky both performed at the MTV Music Awards on Sep. 6. Rihanna performed her single, which was followed by a remix with Rocky. However, Rihanna was still linked to Chris Brown at this point in time.


Rocky joined Rihanna during her Diamonds World Tour, but here she was linked to artist Drake.


Rihanna and Rocky weren’t linked together for a while. In this year Rihanna was dating billionaire, Hassan Jameel. The two were pretty serious together and dated for a few years, up until 2020.


While Rihanna was still dating Jameel, Rocky was linked to supermodel Kendall Jenner.


Rocky attended Rihanna’s annual Diamond Ball for the first time.


Rocky was spotted at Rihanna’s annual ball, in support of the Clara Lionel Foundation. He was also spotted with her later this year at the Met Gala, both sporting Fendy. Keep in mind Rihanna is still linked to Jameel, and Rihanna and Rocky were not romantically linked yet. 


Rihanna called things off with Jameel after three years. Being newly single, she began casually seeing Rocky, however there was no official romantic link. As the year went on, they modeled and campaigned together for Rihanna’s skin care line, Fenty Skin. At the end of the year, they became more official with dates and vacationing together.


Rihanna and Rocky went public with their relationship, appearing in casual Instagram photos together and going on more frequent outings. Rocky and Rihanna even went as far as going to the Met Gala together, where they wore similar outfits of excess clothes. 


With more frequent, official dates and matching outfits, they instantly became a popular couple. Which brings us to today! Where currently ASAP Rocky and Rihanna are expecting their first child together.