Black-owned business spotlights

From paintings to skincare, here are five, featured small businesses

Anna Claire Edenfield, Culture Reporter

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  • Ezy Art

  • J1J2 Designs

  • Betty’s Beauty Cosmetics

  • KKS Jewelry

  • Paintings By Cammie

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Over 20 black-owned businesses were showcased outside the Dining Commons at Georgia Southern’s 2nd Annual Black Business Pop-Up Shop earlier this month. Music played and food was grilled as students sold their products. Black student business owners were thankful for the opportunity GS provided them with. 

Ezy Art

Ethan Green is a freshman at GS who displayed his art business, “Ezy Art” at the pop-up shop. “Ezy Art” focuses on traditional and digital art, with anime style. Green says the event  was “a way for me to kind of get myself out there, promote my art.” For Ethan, it wasn’t about selling a lot of his product, but he was just excited for the chance to get into action and to begin the process of turning his art into a business. 

Instagram: ezy_art03



J1J2 Designs

Two twin sisters have been working together since 2020 to grow their small business. Jordan and Jaiden Brown started off by creating customized shirts for “J1J2 Designs”, but recently branched out into designing earrings. After their dad bought them supplies to make custom shirts, the sisters decided to make a business out of it. Jaiden and Jordan hope that their custom designed earrings will appear in stores one day. 

Instagram: shopj1j2designs



Betty’s Beauty Cosmetics

If you love natural, handmade skincare and soap products, check out  “Betty’s Beauty Cosmetics”. Haley Reynolds is a senior at GS who started selling handmade soaps, lip glosses, body scrubs and more back in 2020. She named her beauty business after her grandmother Betty, who passed away in 2013. Although Reynolds has a variety of skincare products, she hopes to expand her product base into facial skincare by continuing to research and build up her clientele. 

Instagram: bett.ysbeauty



Kae’s Kuffs

Kaela Helms is the owner of “Kae’s Kuffs”, a business that focuses on selling custom pieces of nose cuffs, rings and bracelets. Helms was inspired by social media to begin making nose cuffs for herself, but after people started asking if she sold them, she turned it into a business. She says the pop-up shop, “gives me a chance to show off my creativity and share it with other people and hope that they enjoy it.” 

Instagram: kaeskuffs



Paintings by Cammie

After taking art classes in middle school and having a constant support system from her family, Cameron Jones started her art business “Paintings by Cammie” in 2020. Cameron sells anything from stained glass wall art, oil and acrylic paintings, to most recently custom home decor pieces, such as hanging rope mirrors. If you want a personally customized art piece, you can find a booking service through her website.