Character Breakdown: “House of The Dragon”

Still can’t keep up with whose who? We came, just in time for the third episode!




Anna Beck, Managing Editor, Reflector

Set 200 years before the events of “Game of Thrones”, “House of The Dragon” tells the story of House Targaryen as they rule over Westeros, and ultimately their downfall in the civil war that broke out dubbed “The Dance of Dragons”.

For those who haven’t seen “Game of Thrones,” it is not needed to watch “House of the Dragon”, due to the nature of it being a prequel no prior knowledge is required. Though, it may help!6

Here is a breakdown of the main characters we see in Episode 1 that will play a major role in the rest of the show.

King Viserys I

Viserys is the current ruler sitting on the Iron Throne. He reigns over a period of time in which the Targaryens have unprecedented power. Viserys is a level-headed King and often chooses peace over conflict.

My Opinion: He’s an okay King. He knows there are people in his court attempting to manipulate and control him, but he does not have what it takes to outmaneuver them.

Daemon Targaryen

Daemon is the brother of King Viserys I and has a violent reputation. King Viserys I does not have a son, leaving Daemon Targaryen to be a powerful contender to the throne. He is the Commander of The City Watch and has a very hungry appetite for glory and power.

My Opinion: Daemon Targaryen is such a fun character. He is hot-headed and often acts on his temper resulting in a lot of bloodsheds. He definitely has what it takes to make a play for the Iron Throne and overthrow anyone on it.

Rhaenyra Targaryen

Rhaenyra is the only child of King Viserys I. She often sits in on meetings with her father, and is a beloved princess by the public. As the only child of the king, she is supposed to be the heir to the iron throne, but she faces opposition due to being a woman.

My Opinion: Rhaenyra is badass. She has a dragon named Syrax that she is seen flying around over the city. She reminds me of Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. 

Otto Hightower

Otto is the hand of the king, and he has served this role for both King Viserys and the king before him. There is a major rift between Otto Hightower and Daemon Targaryen, as Daemon desperately wants Otto removed from his position. 

My Opinion: I don’t particularly like him. He’s good at his role as hand of the king, but I see his ambition and greed overshadowing that.

Alicent Hightower

Alicent is the daughter of Otto Hightower and a close friend to Rhaenyra Targaryen. There is not much else to say without spoiling the rest of the season, but the ending scene of the first episode where Alicent is sent by order from her father to visit a widowed King Viserys I sets up the rest of the season for what is to come involving those two.

My Opinion: She’s the best friend of Rhaenyra and I find their friendship heartwarming. 

House of The Dragon has new episodes every Sunday on HBO Max.