Seven tips you should know from the mock dorm burns

John Caesar, Mckenzie Kerrigan, Culture reporter & Managing editor

Last Friday, September 16th, Georgia Southern burned some buildings to help teach students about safety. It was all a part of the Up In Flames event. Which was a mock burning hosted by the University Fire and Life safety department. This event aimed to teach students about fire safety and how dangerous a fire can be by creating a mock fire.

The University Fire and Life Safety Director, Chris Colson, coordinated the event and ensured the burning was 100% safe. With the fire department, medical teams, and Statesboro police department on standby.” We see it on TV all the time, we see fire, and it just looks cool,” Colson said. “But in real life, it’s a lot different, so this event actually lets (people) see the fire in person. Feel the heat, hear the noises, and see how fast it can grow and how fast it can spread to adjacent units.”


Here are some fire safety tips for those living in dorms:

  1. Never leave a candle/incense unattended, even though Georgia Southern doesn’t allow candles in the dormitories.
  2. If a fire starts in any cooking appliance keep the door closed, and unplug it if possible and call 911.
  3. Make sure surge protectors are equipped with internal overload protection.
  4. Make sure surge protectors aren’t overloaded or powering large appliances (fridges, freezers, etc.)
  5. Ensure your dorm is equipped with fire alarms and sprinklers that have been tested and approved every semester.
  6. Ensure you have no fire hazards such as blocked windows, or anything that gives off heat away from flammable items.
  7. Know your plan for evacuation!

For more information go to:,and%20buildings%20for%20fire%20hazards.