Reflector Ranks: 5SOS5 songs

It’s out, so we ranked it!

Anna Beck, Managing Editor, Reflector

As a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer since the very beginning, I believe that I am qualified enough to give a complete ranking of every song of the new 5SOS5. 

Disclaimer: 5SOS is not capable of producing bad music, so even if something is ranked low, it is still a masterpiece.

1: Bad Omens

This song is chef’s kiss. It is a bop that I never tire of. Bad Omens should have been a single and I stand by that.

Best Lyric: I’m still making sense of having nothing left to save

2: Easy For You To Say

I heard this song live before it was released, so that definitely is a factor in why it is ranked so highly. 

Best Lyric: But I’m over dramatic and drenched in my pain

3: Me Myself & I

Have you listened to this song? It’s amazing. It’s catchy, Luke Hemmings curses, and it is just the right amount of emo. 

Best Lyric: Leave it up to me to f**k it up without a good reason

4: You Don’t Go To Parties

Calum Hood made this song his b**ch. 

Best Lyric: All my friends are up on Mars, we’ve been traveling

5: Bleach

I sobbed when I first listened to this song. I have not cried this hard since Ghost of You

Best Lyric: Brought a knife to a gun fight, but the hurtin’ is all mine

6: Take My Hand (Joshua Tree Version)

The ultimate disassociation bop. Is life even real?

Best Lyric: You fall apart and redefine what keeps you up at night

7: Caramel

The relationship is toxic, but this song is so smooth.

Best Lyric: Ooh, you bring up the past, didn’t ask, give me the know-how

8: Emotions

Two words: Michael. Clifford.

Best Lyric: Don’t mind me, I’m just feelin’ kinda broken, kinda broken

9: Carousel

Okay, real talk, this song is actually really sad to think about the meaning, but 5SOS made it so catchy.

Best Lyric: I built it from the ground up just to watch me burn it down


Ah, the first single of 5SOS5. A subtle nod to the shirt Mr. Hemmings used to wear back in the good ole days. Nothing particularly earth-shattering about this song, but it was the first one they blessed us with, so that gives it bonus points.

Best Lyric: Caught up in Heaven but your Heaven ain’t the same

11: Best Friends


Best Lyric: It’s time to love somebody who won’t try to change your way

12: Red Line

Dramatic, but I’m here for it.

Best Lyric: When you ask me, “What’s the matter?”, the actor says he hates himself


you’ve been blendered

Best Lyric: And we’re going round again in an emotional blender

14: Moodswings

5SOS SAID THE F WORD!!!!! This song is a bop, but it is no Bad Omens.

Best Lyric: And I just wanna f**kin’ push you away, away

15: Flatline

I hope I one day love someone so much that my heart will flatline just thinking about them.

Best Lyric: I say I love you I don’t hesitate, hesitate

16: TEARS!

A song about being depressed, but make it catchy.

Best Lyric: I don’t need a reason to get high tonight, high tonight, I just want to feel alive

17: Bloodhound

I’m picking up the vibes about what this song is really about.

Best Lyric: We keep on dancing when the room is on fire

18: HAZE

This song has me feeling alright.

Best Lyric: Got me feelin’ alright when the feeling’s all gone

19: Older

I know I said that every song is a masterpiece, but I genuinely do not like this song.

Best Lyric: I don’t wanna get older without your head on my shoulder