Getting To Know Georgia Southern Artists

Sammy Pierre, Photojournalist

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  • Cameron Burse is a student at GSU but he also has a hobby he’s incredibly passionate about.

  • Cam, whose stage name is CozyFr, likes to spend most of his time outside of work and school perfecting his music.

  • Coming all the way from Lithonia, he likes to show his Atlanta pride through the way he dresses, including his hats.

  • Along with making songs, Cam also is a producer. Many of the beats you hear on his songs were made by him.

  • As a producer and artist, Cam finds himself listening to old records and using them as samples in his songs. “I do know some old songs, but I mainly listen to rap because there’s so much to listen to,” he said.

  • Cam loves being surrounded by inspiration and one of his favorite people that does the job is Kobe Bryant. Cam played basketball in high school and applies the same work ethic he saw from Kobe into his own craft.

  • “These are my babies!” Cam loves to carry his equipment with him for whenever he’s feeling inspired.

  • “Work, school, music and anime,” Cam said with a smile. “That’s all I have time for.” Cam decorates his wall with some of his favorite anime posters from the show One Piece.

  • Cam sometimes likes to draw similarities between his tattoos and his music. “They’re both a mashed up body of work. It helps to remind me that both things can take time and not to rush the process,” he said.

  • He also uses his music as an escape sometimes. Whenever Cam finds himself stressed or bogged down, he can turn to his music as an outlet. However, he can also experience writer’s block. In these situations he likes to step away until he feels the inspiration come back.

  • Cam has been seeing progress in his work as he recently won first place in the school talent show.

  • Most days you can find the artist in his corner of the world in a t-shirt, jeans and slides.

  • Cam prides himself on the fact that he doesn’t have to spend too much time with a pen and pad to come up with songs. “Most of my songs are off the top,” the artist explained. “Some of the stuff I come up with surprises me too sometimes.”

  • Currently, Cam is working on an album with some artists he shares a group with. The group name is called Organic Records and features other artists and creatives.

  • Cam is extremely confident in his abilities and is excited to see what the future holds for him.

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