Girl Talk: What Makes Guys Unattractive?


Anna Beck, Managing Editor

A TikTok went viral of a girl saying that one of the biggest icks she has about guys is when they don’t put their hats fully on their heads. Inspired by this, I’ve asked girls across Georgia Southern what they find unattractive about the opposite sex.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Definitely a lack of maturity. Most times if you are friendly with a guy, they are going to very forwardly hit on you. I think it’s rooted in a lack of maturity and not being able to handle yourself.”

  • Nina, Sophomore

Too much facial hair! It sounds basic but it is a thing.”

  • Kaylyn, Sophomore

“When he has toxic ex-girlfriends, acts like he is in a gang, smells bad, has mommy issues. I can go on and on.”

  • Skylar, Junior

“If they don’t respect women that they don’t find attractive. Also, when they are cocky.”

  • Samara, Sophomore

“Bad hygiene, bad hygiene, bad hygiene.”

  • Ja’Niya, Sophomore

“Listening to Andrew Tate or when he rants on his private story. Or, if he wears flip flops and jeans.”

  • Macy, Junior

“Thinking about how if he puts his pants on and his leg gets stuck and he falls over… that’s really unattractive.”

  • Rachel, Just Graduated

“Not letting girls wear what they want, dips, chewing with their mouths open.”

  • Hayden, Sophomore

“Can’t do his own laundry

  • Brianna, Sophomore

“Being unnecessarily loud in places they shouldn’t be, either for attention or just in general.”

  • Zach, Sophomore