OPINION: Reflector Reviews: Halloween Ends

John Caesar, Culture Reporter


For those wishing to see Laurie Strode’s and Micheal Meyers’s exciting conclusion, you may be happy to hear that Halloween Ends delivers. But you may also be disheartened to discover that it’s only in the movie’s last 10-20 minutes.


Halloween Ends is the anticipated final chapter of Micheal Meyers. Yet, the film has very little to do with him and is more about the story of a new troubled youth constantly being bullied for a fatal mistake he made a couple of years ago.


The movie, at times, goes in exciting directions. A section of the movie draws a parallel between the new kid and Micheal Meyers. When the film gets to this point, it becomes very exciting before strangely dropping this developing parallel.


If you want to watch the movie with some friends, it should be noted this movie is available on the Peacock App and probably for the best. If you miss this one, you aren’t missing much. The entertainment value is nowhere near its predecessor, nor is it anywhere near as good in storytelling as the first Halloween in this trilogy.