Take a Walk in Statesboro’s Haunted Forest

Dare to be scared?

John Caesar, Culture reporter

The Boys and Girls Club hosts another annual night of scares with the Haunted Forest. This year, the forest will be located on Kiwanis fairgrounds to offer a lot more room for parking as well as a whole new trail to accommodate larger groups of people. “It’s pretty scary,” said Travis Brickey, a member of the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls club. “It’s not for young children by any means. Even though it’s benefiting the boys and girls club, it’s definitely not a kids thing. Typically we say ages 10 plus, but it’s very scary.”

 Students may want to prepare themselves for the biggest scares of the year as the club has gone all out to try and make this the most memorable Halloween they can. There’s even a separate FastPass lane for those who don’t wish to wait in the long lines for just $20 dollars.

GSU students got a night to themselves this Monday the 24th followed by an encore for the public at large on the 25th and 31st of October.  And all proceeds will go to funding the Boys and Girls Club, a great resource for kids to have a place to hang out after school. 

Tickets for both nights can be purchased at https://www.hauntedforeststatesboro.com/

Student tickets are $10 dollars. Adult tickets $15.


*Reflector attended through the forest, this attraction may not be suitable for people who are hard of sight or have a sensitivity to strobe. It is also noted Actors may bump or touch you in the forest, with occasional liquids or dust coming onto you. Take caution in your outfit choices, this forest isn’t for the weak.