Why YOU should go abroad for grad school

Sandra Sanders, Lifestyle Editor

Like many other things, the pandemic had a huge impact on college experiences that students expect to have. Besides taking classes online, not being able to socialize or enjoy campus, and worrying about the virus, the pandemic also took away so many different kinds of opportunities that can change a student’s life forever. Studying abroad is what many students dream of doing and up until this past year, it hasn’t been a possibility. If you are now a senior and missed out on studying abroad during your undergraduate career, have you considered going international for graduate school? Now more than ever, certain careers require more education, so grad school is a great thing to start thinking about. Here are some pros, cons, tips, and tricks, if you are thinking about going abroad for graduate school:


Tips n’ Tricks

Trick: Go ahead and research prices of schools you are interested in the US and then compare them to schools you like abroad.

Tip: Ask for help! Most departments have professors that are experienced in this area, as well as your academic advisor and the career and development center. 

Trick: Research funding! Some schools in the UK accept American financial aid or provide funding. Go ahead and mark down any and all due dates so you don’t miss out.

Tip: Follow the schools on social media! Luckily in today’s day and age, you can do plenty of research straight from Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. Schools will post about important dates, clubs and activities, or provide their own tips and tricks for applying. 

Tip: Don’t forget about the Visas! Make sure to look into international visas and what kind you need to live overseas, study, and maybe even work. 

Tip: Start early! It is never too early to start thinking about what comes after undergrad. Go ahead and get in touch with different schools and start research so you know what you want to do by the time graduation rolls around. 


Pros & Cons

Pro: New experiences! Going abroad will expose you to so many new experiences, cultures, and people! Being in your early twenties allows you to take opportunities like this without having to worry about a bunch of commitments. 

Pro: Sometimes it is less expensive to go to school abroad than it is in the US. Programs can be done quicker and cheaper if you choose the right one. 

Con (or just something to be aware of): Make sure a degree you get abroad will hold the same weight back in the US if you plan to return home after completing your degree. Careers are a tricky thing to get started and change all the time without you being prepared for it, so make sure you are getting the best degree possible for your future.

Con (or just stressful): Pay attention to vocabulary and make sure you know what you are reading or researching. Schools abroad use different terminology or require things that you have to figure out the American equivalent to.