How “Slutty” is too “Slutty”?

Student opinions on wearing lingerie to the bar


Anna Beck, Reflector, Managing Editor



adjective DEROGATORY

adjective: slutty; comparative adjective: sluttier; superlative adjective: sluttiest

  • (with reference to a woman) sexually promiscuous or provocative in a way that is considered in bad taste.


Wearing “lingerie” as a bar outfit has been an increasingly popular trend, with a significant rise in articles being published on how and what to pair it with. In my experience, and in what I can only assume is something most have experienced as well, people encourage us to be confident and dress how we desire, but then criticize us for dressing too “slutty”. 

So how “slutty” is too “slutty”? Where does the line get drawn? Does the line even exist?

What Students Are Saying:

“I think it crosses the line when it’s very clearly lingerie and not just going out clothes…that’s just for me…if a girl wants to wear straight-up lingerie to the bar, then good for her.”

  • Shelby, Junior

“Wear what you want to wear—but there is a time and a place for everything”

  • Nina,  Junior

“There is no line. We’ll never be this young and sexy ever again.”

  • Macy, Junior

“When a girl wears lingerie it shows a statement that the girl is comfortable in their body, but it could also give an impression of what kind of person they are or what their intentions could be.”

  • Mikey, Sophomore

“Anything that is made to be used as a bar– don’t wear lingerie.”

  • Derek, Recently Graduated

“When people describe women wearing lingerie to the bar, it is an exaggeration. Even if this was a commonly recurring event and was allowed, I would personally not care because it is not my business what someone else wears.”

  • Faith, Junior

“The line is crossed when it gets to the point that I am able to see people’s anatomy. If everything is covered, I see no problem with that. People should not be shunned for how they dress.”

  • Jade, Senior

“The line is crossed when their mindset goes from having fun to wanting to hookup”

Chris, Junior