TikTok’s Smile Dating Test

Let’s See If Couples Are Really Compatible


Anna Beck, Reflector, Managing Editor

What Is This Quiz?

Another quiz has taken TikTok by storm. This time: What smiley face color are you and what does that say about your dating style? 

You answer 12 questions and then you’ll result will show you a colored smiley face and tell you what colors you are most and least compatible with. 

We had couples take this quiz to see if they were meant to be together based on the smiley face standards.

Couple 1: Sarah and Cole– Dating for 2 years

Georgina and Cole both received yellow smiley faces! This could explain why they have been together for so long. 

Couple 2: Alexis and DylanDating for 3 months

Alexis is a pink smiley face and Damon is a yellow smiley face. Neither of them are listed on each other’s most compatible, but they weren’t on each other’s least compatible either. 

Couple 3: Brianna and Tripp – Dating for 11 months

Brianna is a beige smiley face and Tripp is a sky smiley face. They are both listed on each other’s least compatible chart. This is interesting considering the length of their relationship.


What do you think about the smiley dating quiz? Is there some truth to it? Is it all just a load of bull? 

Take the quiz for yourself!