What do Students want in Boro’ Nightlife?

What do Students want in Boro Nightlife?

Anna Claire Edenfield, Reflector, managing editor

With around 20,000 college students and only a couple of local bars, Statesboro’s nightlife might need some upgrades. We asked GS students one question about nightlife in the Boro and they responded with their recommendations to “up” the nightlife. 


What do you wish Statesboro’s nightlife had more of?

“More Dingus-style restaurant bars”

Lucy, Senior


“I wish we had a rooftop bar here”

Emerson, Senior


“Probably just another bar with no cover, like Athens”

James, Junior


“I don’t think there needs to be more anything”

Aidan, Sophomore


“I wish there were more options and maybe a permanent bull somewhere”

Hannah, Freshman


“Line dancing, I have rhinestone boots and I need places to wear them”

Anna, Junior


“I wish we had a real club to actually go dancing”

Emily, Sophomore