GS begins project for larger internet capacity

Shiann Sivell

Following the consolidation, Georgia Southern University began a new project on its network of communications (NOC) facilities to accommodate the campus’s needs for a larger internet capacity.

Matthew Shingler, interim director of facilities, planning, design and construction, said the $3.5 million project was proposed three years ago by the university to construct a new NOC building along with renovations of its existing building.

“It will expand the wireless connection of the Georgia Southern, Armstrong and Liberty campuses,” Shingler said.

University architect Haroun Homayun said the renovation will provide a centralized control system with a bigger capacity that responds to needs and requests of which the current network does not.

He said the internet capacity will be five times higher and more secure, and that students and staff can expect a more robust, more reliable system.

The new NOC will be located next to the GS Ceramics and Sculpture Studio to bring better internet access to the campus’s most southward areas as well.

Homayun and Shingler said the project is still ongoing and that the renovation of the existing NOC is scheduled to be completed in Fall 2018, while the new NOC building is scheduled for completion in June 2018.