7 Fashion Trends That Don’t Make Sense, But We Love Them Anyways


It seems like new fashion trends are always occurring. Most of the time, most people are able to go on board with it. However, with some trends, you’re left to question, “Why is this a trend? It doesn’t make sense.” However, the more you see it, the more you grow to like it. Ultimately, you too will most likely succumb to it. Here’s a list of (some) trends that you’ve seen that may lead you to question them once again.

1. Crop Top Sweaters

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If you wear it when it is cold outside, then your stomach is freezing. If you wear it in the heat, then you end up pouring sweat from your chest up. It’s a lose-lose situation. The optimal time to wear this would be in that awkward time period nobody likes where it’s cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. The solution to this problem altogether would be to not wear them at all. However, they manage to hug your curves while keeping you looking comfortable and chic. It’s an article of clothing you can’t say no to.

2. Fishnet Tights Under Ripped Jeans

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Isn’t the point of buying ripped jeans to show some skin? Adding fishnets might create some allure, but it has to feel uncomfortable.

3. Thigh-High Boots

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Shoes that come up to your thighs. They don’t do anything to improve your walking or support you feet in any way, but they manage to glam up any outfit. Need I say more?

4. One Long-Sleeved Shirt

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This is a trend targeted towards women. It’s a normal shirt, but one arm has a long sleeve while the other arm doesn’t have a sleeve at all. It’s an interesting concept that looks cool, but one arm will either feel colder or hotter than the other.

5. Sheer Tops

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This one does not need much explanation. It does not offer any kind of warmth or protection. If you’re walking in public, obviously you’ll need to wear something under it. This makes the sheer top kind of pointless, yet, with the right top, anyone can rock it.

6. Mix-Matched Patterns

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Who would have thought that flowers and polka dots went well together?

7. Long Sleeved Rompers

The difference between a romper and a jumpsuit is that, most of the time, a jumpsuit has full length pants instead of the shorts-like appearance of a romper. With this in mind, you come across a problem similar to the crop top sweater except it’s with your legs.


While these fashion trends don’t make a whole lot of sense, one thing stands true: they manage to make any outfit look good.

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