Vegas Strong

As much of the world did on the morning of October 2nd, I woke up to the heartbreaking and agonizingly frustrating news that a senseless tragedy had taken place in the form of yet another shooting. My reaction at first was dismal; it pains me to admit it, but due to the fact that I am young enough to have difficulty remembering a time before shootings occurred as often as they do now, I unfortunately react less and less to each one. I of course feel sympathy for the victims and their families and anger towards the terrorists behind the acts, but the surprise I once felt with each event is nearly gone.

However, once I read that this latest attack had become the deadliest in our nation’s history, I felt an overwhelming amount of emotions: shock, anger, sadness, confusion. Selfishly, my mind raced towards the Bruno Mars concert I was planning on attending with my older sister in less than two weeks.My heart raced with fear, my mind filled with Will there be a shooter there too? Could my sister and I be in danger of getting shot? Is there a possibility that I could die going to this concert?

All of my fear melted away as soon as the first song began and the crowd started to dance and sing along to the music together. Though we were all strangers, everyone was united through our love for the songs and the artists we were celebrating together. We swayed during the slow songs, proudly sang every lyric to every song, and even laughed at some concert-goers that might’ve had a few too many drinks. I felt happy and carefree, not a worry in my mind.

I wish I could say that I believe this concert has changed my outlook on the possibility of more shootings altogether but that would unfortunately be a lie. I know there will be more shootings in the future. I know more people will be hurt and some will die. But I also know that the terrorists who plot and carry out these disgusting acts of violence will never win.

The love, unity, and pure joy that I saw and felt at the concert is far more powerful than any bullet. The fear that terrorists attempt to create will always be met with courage and bravery. Their evil will never defeat the good that still exists in the world.