10 Fashion Trends That Should NOT Make a Comeback

Brooke Thompson

We all participated in fashion trends that we now regret. Some are memorialized in yearbook pictures, scrapbooks, or Facebook with horrible edits, but we live and we learn. Here are some passing fashion obsessions that will make you cringe and be thankful you can learn from your mistakes:

1. Platform Flip Flops

Photo Retrieved via Rocket Dog

These honestly never should have been invented in the first place.


2. Gaucho Pants

Photo Retrieved via Zappos

These were an elementary school favorite. We may have thought we rocked them, but we were sorely mistaken. They were comfortable though.


3. Shoulder Pads

Photo Retrieved via Etsy

This trend should stay in the 80s where it belongs.


4. Mullets

Photo Retrieved via Total Frat Move

Just because Cole Swindell did it does not make it okay.


5. Crocs

Photo Retrieved via Pinterest

I am sad to say I once wore Crocs and I even added jewels to them. *Shudders*


6. Romphim

Photo Retrieved via Getonfleek

This one should be self explanatory. It just looks wrong.


7. Leg and/or Arm Warmers

Photo Retrieved via Artisan Socks

Yet another trend that should just stay in the 80’s where it belongs for the rest of our existences. If your legs or arms are cold, put on a pair of pants or a jacket.


8. Chevron

Photo Retrieved via Steph Calvert Art

This pattern has been overdone on everything. It is time to accept that the fad should be put to rest and outlawed on clothing from now on.


9. Silly Bands (Animal Shaped Bracelets)

Yeah, these were cool, and yeah, we all had about 1,000 of them. But no, they should not make a comeback.


10. Soffe Shorts

Photo Retrieved via Soffe

Let’s be real, girls loved to roll these up and wear them everywhere. They were comfortable and they were all we had before Nike shorts. However, they were very short and tended to be tight and this is why we should be thankful for our collective fashion evolution.  



We all have our fashion regrets and these may have made you remember some not so smart choices. Sorry if any of these images haunt your dreams tonight!