From London With Love: My Top 5 Things About Studying Abroad


Georgia Southern defensive tackle Ty Phillips looks to pressure the quarterback against Georgia State.

Brooke Thompson

London, the comparably cleaner and more colorful cousin of New York. This past summer during B term, I studied abroad in London and it is now one of the best cities I have ever been to. The city has great food, interesting people, and lots of history. While I loved so many things about London, and even Europe in general, I have narrowed down my top five favorite things about the city for your enjoyment. 

1.) The People   

Honestly, the British remind me a lot of southerners in that they are full of hospitality and kindness. If you got off at the wrong “tube” stop, they will help you the best they can. The British are also constantly saying “sorry,” and that is a habit I can personally relate to. The fashion sense of Londoners was also something I envied because they all dressed so nicely and colorfully!

Photo Credit: Brooke Thompson

2.) The Food

The food in London is amazing, it is largely made fresh and with less additives than the food in The States. There are markets all over the city with fresh produce and foods from all over the world, with my favorite market being the Borough Market. I went three times, and my only regret is not getting more food from there!  Bangers (sausage) and mash (mashed potatoes) also became one of my favorite dishes. However, I had my fair share of fish and chips and I can attest that it is very possible to get tired of it!

Photo Credit: Brooke Thompson

3.) The History


London and all of Europe is full of history that The States just do not have. There are palaces, museums, and royals in abundance. Oh my! I also enjoyed learning and experiencing the London theatre. Seeing plays and musicals while in the city was one of my favorite activities. I loved learning about the history of the United Kingdom and visiting all the museums and art London had to offer!

Photo Credit: Brooke Thompson

4.)  Public Transportation

While I never truly learned the tube (subway) transportation, I loved the fact that I could walk or take public transit virtually anywhere. I also was fortunate enough to be able to take the train to Stratford-Upon-Avon, the UK, Paris, France, and Edinburgh, Scotland. It is so cool to think that a couple hours on a train can take you to a whole new country! That was a huge difference between being abroad versus back home in Georgia. 

Photo Credit: Brooke Thompson

5.) The Memories

Studying abroad is an experience I will never forget. I made new friends and priceless memories and I now have a newfound love for visiting new places and trying new things. I certainly hope to go back across the pond again soon to make even more memories!