Deadline for Summer registration ending soon

Tara Bailey

The deadline for summer classes, which can help students graduate on time or finish earlier than expected, is ending next month.

Taking summer courses may be beneficial for students who want to minimize the number of hours they need to take in the fall.

Tristan Mock, a sophomore psychology major, will be taking courses this summer after changing her major from biology to psychology.

“After changing my major, I’ve become behind in a lot of classes, and I really want to catch up. The main thing is that I want to graduate earlier,” Mock said.

Many students take courses during the summer for various reasons.

“Some students are attracted to less students being on campus in the summer and feel it could be a good way to get acclimated to campus. Others want to take summer courses to cut down on their fall/spring loads or to ensure they can graduate in four years,” Amy Smith, the GS associate director of the office of undergraduate admissions, said.

Because the summer semester has been shortened within the months of May through July, students will also be able to take courses in a shorter period of time.

According to the GS “Choose Southern for Summer” webpage, depending on what term a student takes—term A, term B or long term—they could take a class in as little as four weeks and still be able to get the same credit as they would’ve been able to during the fall and spring semesters.

Registration for the summer term will end May 10. To find more information about registration, please check out this webpage.