GS kicks off nationwide recycling event

Brendan Ward

The Center for Sustainability kicked off a two month long recycling competition called Recyclemania Feb. 5, and it will run until April 5.

Recyclemania is a nationwide recycling competition aimed at raising awareness for recycling, while also encouraging people to reduce waste and improve recycling efforts.

Not only is GS competing against against other colleges, but individual residence halls are competing against each other as well.

During Recyclemania, the Center for Sustainability will keep track of which residence halls are recycling the most. At the end of the event, the residence hall that has recycled the most waste will earn a wings and pizza party as well as a Recyclemania trophy that they get to keep until next year’s Recyclemania.

GS’s ultimate goal for this year’s Recyclemania is to beat the numbers from last year. Last year GS recycled a total of 83,620 pounds of waste, about 3.8 pounds per person, placing them 230th in the competition.

This year, the Center for Sustainability is hoping to donate about seven pounds per person, placing them in competition with the University of Georgia.

There are multiple events going on during the competition for GS students to get involved with.

First, simply taking the time to consider if something is recyclable before throwing it out is an easy and quick way to participate. Recyclable products include aluminum cans, plastic #1 and #2, paper and corrugated cardboard.

The Center for Sustainability will also be trying to catch people green handed during the event. A team of students and staff will be going around campus and if they see anyone recycling or participating in any other sustainable activities. Any student caught green handed will be entered into a drawing to win a Bluetooth speaker and headphones from Tech Corner.

Any student who is interested in joining the “greenhanded” team can contact the Center for Sustainability at to participate.

There will also be a recycled boat regatta in which students can team up to make paper boats out of at least 50 percent recycled materials and try to race them on Lake Ruby. The event will be on March 9 at 4 p.m. It is free to participate, but all teams must sign up by March 5 on the Center for Sustainability website.

Lissa Leege, founder and director of the Center for Sustainability, encourages all students to participate in Recyclemania.

“Most students are engaged in higher education to better their future. A better future includes cleaner air and water, more efficient energy use, less waste, and a healthier environment,” Leege said. “Making an effort to keep valuable materials out of the landfill by recycling is an important step towards that goal. And beyond all that, wouldn’t you like to bring home a win for the Eagle Nation?”