Young Democrats of Georgia Convention comes to Statesboro

Matthew Enfinger

The Young Democrats of Georgia Southern University (YDGS) will host the 2017 statewide annual Young Democrats of Georgia (YDG) Convention here in Statesboro this April.

“Basically, what we do is act as a conduit for people to engage, inform voters, bring communities together who have the same ideological beliefs and then translate that into political institutions,” Amber Bailey, president of YDGS, said.

The YDGS participated in voter registration drives in the past presidential election and worked the the Jim Barksdale campaign for Senate.

One of the main themes of the convention is engaging the community.

“Without having people who are educated and informed and really passionate about the policy and the political agenda… you don’t really have an engaged public and you don’t really have a government or policy that is reflective of those interests,” Bailey said.

A set date and venue has not yet been selected, and YDGS are looking to find local representatives to participate as speakers at this years convention.

For more information about the convention, visit

the YDG website.