New College Coach Bus service offers a travel alternative

Taisha White

College Coach Bus, a new bus service that began in August, will now help Georgia Southern students from the Atlanta or Macon area have an easier way to get home. The bus service offers students transportation during major academic breaks, including Thanksgiving and winter break.

Although the bus service operates independently from universities, College Coach bus has catered to five other colleges including Towson University and The University of Delaware.

Jared Maldonado, owner of College Coach Bus, explained why he decided to bring the transportation service to Statesboro.

“We decided to start offering our service at Georgia Southern because we noticed a void in transportation options for students to get back home from school during breaks, specifically to the Macon and Atlanta areas, as well as to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport,” Maldonado said.

Maldonado is also considering on the possibility of expanding the transportation service for other major times and destinations as well.

“We are considering offering buses to some away football games as well as some Spring Break destinations such as Panama City Beach or other parts of Florida,” Maldonado said. “We are open to adding a bus to any destination that has enough people interested. At this moment though, it’s just Macon, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, and Atlanta at Perimeter Mall.”

For some students, the bus service offers amazing benefits.

Junior journalism major Tushawn Dozier is excited the transportation service is being offered, especially since it keeps her from driving for a long period of time.

“Right now the drive is about three and a half hours and my roommate and I live really close to each other. So we usually drive home, but she hates driving. So we can just ride the bus instead,” Dozier said.

For other students, there is hope for future bus stops. Sophomore international studies major Elizabeth Leone believes that the transportation service should cater to other areas in Georgia.

“I’m from Augusta and I think there are a lot of people from Augusta that come to Georgia Southern,” Leone said. “I don’t know if I would use the service because I like to have my family with me, but it would work in the Augusta area.”

Round trip tickets for Macon or Atlanta run from $110 to $130. Students are required to book a seat in advance in order for the service to provide enough seats. The bus also offers free Wi-Fi.

For more information on College Coach Bus, head to or follow them on Twitter or Facebook at CollegeCoachBus.