Meet the SGA Exec Candidates – John-Warren Ticket

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Jozsef Papp

Dylan John

President of SGA

Senior (Returning for Graduate school)

Construction management / Applied engineering

The John-Warren ticket is built upon a solid foundation of being externally professional and internally approachable. Students need to know their representatives and be able to enjoy ownership and shared governance in their SGA. We are proud to say that the energy and drive behind our campaign is not the isolated vision of four executive and 10 senatorial candidates. But, instead a collection of student voices that together are speaking louder than any individual on the John-Warren ticket, a ticket that is engaging and representative. Through surveys, conversations at the rotunda and a simple hand shake or high-five, we are interacting with students and changing the playing field of SGA. A Student Government that our students can count on for strong leadership that is designed to Empower and Engage the Eagles. Hail Southern!

Valencia Warren

Executive Vice President of SGA

Senior (Returning for Graduate School)

Logistics and Intermodal Transportation Major

The Eagle Nation has the desire to not only be heard, but to be acknowledged and understood. The time has come for the student body to take back ownership of their rights and desires on this campus. Simon Sinek once said, “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” I am truly emotionally invested into the students of this great institution. I recognize the unique ideas, backgrounds, and dynamics of each individual and I am committed to engaging and elevating the Eagle Nation and the Student Government Association. Take ownership and get your voice heard through meaningful engagement, inspiration and elevation through the John-Warren ticket. I am excited about the new energy and dynamic that will come from such a diverse team that is completely representative of ALL voices on this campus.

Erin Villella

Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs


Early childhood education and special education, ESOL certification

As a senator in the Student Government Association (SGA), I have grown to love and appreciate the capacity we have as student leaders. Working toward our goals and passing legislation has motivated me to do more for our strong, hard-working and busy student body. As we work out issues and concerns of my fellow students, my priority is to keep them involved in the process of creating solutions. From attending meetings to starting grassroots projects, I will engage and empower students by giving them an opportunity to invest in their own ideas and initiatives. As VP of Auxiliary Services, I vow to value students’ input as an asset to SGA and Georgia Southern rather than a customer.

Bryan Sandbach

Vice President of Finance


Civil engineering

Not many of you know much about Student Government and what we do. We want you to know that we are all here for you. I am running for an executive position because I want to fix this problem with you as my focus. It is our responsibility to ensure that the students of Georgia Southern know who SGA is, what we offer and how to reach us so that we can help you excel through your academic career. I will ensure that the needs of the students and organizations will be met financially, in an effective and efficient manner, to secure the wonderful college life that GSU offers!

Photo courtesy of John-Warren Ticket.