Swim & Dive team prepares to take on Athens

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Kevin Keneely

The swimming and diving team will travel to Athens this Wednesday to compete in the CCSA Swimming & Diving Championships.

“The kids are looking pretty sharp right now and starting to feel a little bit of rest,” head coach Kellogg said. “They have a little more bounce in their step.”

Kellogg feels pretty good about his team’s chances going into the meet.

“I think that we have a shot to be top-2 if we’re really on, and I fully expect us to be really on so we are preparing for a close meet, a tight meet and so that’ll be exciting,” Coach Kellogg said.

Kellogg has been really stressing to the team to just relax and not to make this meet seem bigger than it actually is.

“They have a little more bounce in their step. Swimming and diving are honest sports and by that I mean, whatever you put in, you’ll get out,” Kellogg said.

The team finished 5-2 this season and 4-0 in conference play. More impressively, the team is mainly made up of freshmen.

With this being the last time the seniors will have the opportunity to compete together, Kellogg has been stressing to them to take in everything leading up to the championship.

“Soak up the moments being around your teammates and not having to worry about internships or summer plans,” Kellogg said. “Just stay in the moment because in (a couple days) they wont have any of this, so just stay in the moment as long as possible.”

The CCSA Swimming & Diving Championships start this Wednesday and will run through Saturday.