Expectations vs. Reality

Caitlyn Oliver

You’ve graduated high school and you’re excited because the next step is college. That means no parents, no curfew, nothing to hold you back from having fun. While this is true to an extent, sometimes actually getting here gives you a pretty hard reality check.


Expectation: You’ll have a balanced meal and be healthy because it’s good for you.

Reality: That pizza looks really good and you can eat on your way to class since you’re running a little late. You’ll get a salad tomorrow… Maybe.


Expectation: We’re going to be best friends! We’ll go get food together, watch movies and stay up late going on crazy adventures at 2 a.m. and have inside jokes.

Reality: Are you training elephants for the circus? Seriously, learn to be a little quieter. And your friends need to actually go home.

The Weekend

Expectation: Homework, exercise, party, catch up on sleep.

Reality: What do you have for me today, Netflix?

8 a.m. Classes

Expectation: It’ll be fine because you’ll get up earlier so you can get more stuff done. You did it in high school, so you can pull it off in college.

Reality: Snooze x5

Time Management

Expectation: Do everything now so you’ll still have time to chill later.

Reality: Oh well, at least you got the laundry done!