Eagle Motorsports heads to Baja 1000 race

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Christopher Carter

The Eagle Motorsports Baja 1000 team will travel to Mexico on the 9th for the Baja 1000 race. The Baja 1000 is an off-road race that takes place in Mexico’s Baja California region. It is the second largest off-road race in the world. The Eagle Motorsports Baja team will be the first collegiate team to compete in the Utility Terrain Vehicle-specific class in the last thirty years.

The Baja 1000 team is one of three teams within Eagle Motorsports, a student team that builds and races vehicles. The team had to build a Utility Terrain Vehicle which is a two seat vehicle with a roll cage. Everything had to be built to the specifications of Score-International. Score-International is the organization that puts on the race.

The team has been sponsored by Hisun Motors to handle the cost of travel and materials. Other than the challenges of building the vehicle and securing sponsorships to bear the burden of cost, the team also had to prepare for the race itself. The Baja 1000 is a 840-mile high speed trek through the wilderness of the Baja California peninsula. The is a long endurance race and the terrain makes it incredibly dangerous. The race is full of desert, rocky terrain, and woods all in Mexico’s hot climate.

They will also be competing against professional, seasoned racers. The Eagle Motorsports team will fight for legitimacy amongst older veteran competitors. The team faces a big challenge with this race.

Being able to compete in this competition at allis an accomplishment. Eagle Motorsports is the first collegiate team ever to compete in this class.

The race can be watched on CBS sports network and ESPN or a live stream that will be available on Score-International’s website.