Vidalia Onion’s Oral History to Premiere this Week

DJ Fullmer

Starting this Thursday, December 3rd, the Performance Arts Center will be hosting “Reflections on the ‘Sweet Life’: The Vidalia Onion Oral History and Performance Project.”

This event will run through December 5th and all shows start at 7:30 p.m., free admissions but donations are welcome (proceeds go to the Southeast Georgia Communities Project, The Vidalia® Onion Museum and the Patti Pace Performance Fund).

Rebecca Kennerely, Ph.D., is the director of the play and adapted this story from the numerous amount of interviews both she and her students in the Performance, Culture, and Communication course conducted. They interviewed farmers, agricultural agents, social service providers, migrant workers, and many GSU students who are from the area.

The goal of this production is to show the cultural diversity within the town of Vidalia, Georgia in relation to the impact of the growth of the Vidalia onion industry.

If you miss the performances at the PAC then they will be doing a re-showing at the Patti Pace Performance Festival on January 29th.