May as well get along

Caitlyn Oliver

It’s been a few months.  You and your roommate get along just fine. You’re cordial to each other and some days you hardly see each other. But you still have no clue about who they are, what they like, or what they do for fun. By using these tips, this will make getting to know your roommate a whole lot easier.


Everything about this is an experience. Go grocery shopping at midnight in the middle of the week (it’s generally deserted and it’s great) or, if you’re bored, go around and have a running commentary on the products and make bad puns. Darth Vader holding a present for Christmas? That wouldn’t happen. Hand your roommate a string of lights because they “light up a room.” You can do anything in Walmart and come out with an interesting story or great pictures of the infamous unicorn helmet (we all secretly have pictures with it).

Family Dinners

You live with them, you may as well eat with them at least once. It’s a good way to get to know them at the beginning of the semester. You can both make something for the meal or you can just eat together at Landrum. It doesn’t matter what food you eat, it’s all about spending time with each other.

The Fair

It has an actual name, like the Okeechobee fair or something but, really, no one remembers that. This is a place where memories are made. Have a heart-to-heart or share stories on the Ferris Wheel. Go home with matching hats of an inside joke that no one else quite gets.

Quote Wall

You know you’ve said some crazy things during the semester. Why not keep track of them? You and your roommate can keep track of all the random jokes and quotes you make throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or intricate, just add sticky notes to a bare wall in a common area.

Movie Night

Chances are at least one of you has a Netflix account. Use that to have a chill night in every so often. You can either look for a movie you both like or look for a one star movie and make a joke of it. Throw some popcorn in the microwave, get comfy on the couch, and have a night in with your roomie.