Haunted forest to fright the ‘Boro

Matt Sowell

Imagine walking through a forest in the dead of night. Paranoia looms in the air as screams echo from far off, ahead is a scene straight out of “The Walking Dead” and behind are a crew of clowns laughing maniacally. For the adventurous, this can be experienced at this year’s Haunted Forest, a staple of Halloween in the ‘Boro.

“People can expect a great time with jump scares and high paced fun as they venture through the forest, It’s definitely an event to go to with friends and to just have a good time with as you go through,” said Jesse House, the coordinator of volunteers at this year’s event.

“There are people waiting at every turn to scare you and that’s the beauty of it all. You get scared, you have fun and, all the while, you’re having fun,” House continued.

Ron Wright, a coordinator of this year’s event, explained some of what guests could expect out of this year’s trail.

Wright explained that the trail is non-stop, just when guests think they’re done with a scene, actors are waiting in the shadows to scare them again. “It’s a chance to have a lot of fun being scared. We guarantee that when guests go home they’ll be checking under their bed” said Wright.

Though unable to give away what’s new, Wright hinted that the maze included several scenes that were a crowd favorite last year.

The maze is notorious for being scary, a staple being a “black out tunnel” located towards the end of the maze. Guests should be prepared to be utterly terrified.

The maze has been a part of Halloween in Statesboro since the 1980’s. It was originally a part of Georgia Southern. Nine years ago, Southern partnered with the Boys and Girls club, making the event a fundraiser. Last year, the maze was moved to The Clubhouse, offering a bigger and more secluded trail.

The cost is $5 per person, tickets can be purchased at the door. The maze runs Oct. 23-24 and 27-31 from 8 p.m. until midnight.

Survival tips:

  • Take a friend, if you go missing they’ll be able to tell the gruesome details of how you were dragged away by clowns.
  • Take that friend who just absolutely does not do haunted houses, tell them you’re going to bowl at The Clubhouse then watch them scream.
  • Wait until it gets dark but still get there early, last year guests had to sign a waiver and it took an extra minute.
  • I know you’re trying to drink before this but is that really a good idea? You’re about to be lost in a forest with people jumping out at you.
  • Wear closed toe shoes so you don’t stub your toe on your friend who passed out because they don’t do haunted houses and you tricked them into coming.