Q&A with Goose: Homecoming hopeful with dreams as long as her neck

Matt Sowell

The wind blew cold on her beak early Monday when Goose, 20-year-old aquatics major and president of Kappa Delta Bird, decided it was time for a change. At the last minute, Goose decided to run for Homecoming queen. We tracked her down for a quick interview Monday afternoon to get the details on her last-minute campaign.

So Goose, tell us your platform, what made you want to run for Homecoming queen at the last minute?

“You know, I see this year in and year out. I watch students go through their day to day lives and I just think ‘man, these kids look drained’. Georgia Southern isn’t what it used to be, I literally never get bread crumbs anymore and students run away when I hiss at them.”

So if you were to win, what would you change on campus? What are your goals?

“Goals? I’m a goose. Do any of the other hopefuls tell you their goals? No, they just give you a cookie and say vote for whoever.”

Can we expect to see birds handing out cookies then?

“You would eat a cookie given to you by a bird? That’s kind of sick dude.”

So your campaign was very last minute. You didn’t put posters up until Monday and other than Yik Yak, people may not know about you. Do you think that’s going to affect anything?

“Yik Yak is the most trusted news source on campus, I’ll be fine.”

Most trusted news source?

“You heard me.”

Who would you say is your biggest threat in the race?

“That sorority who was letting people pet a puppy for votes. I tried to get my girls to get a dog but we don’t have hands to hold the leash with, so yeah.”

Is there anything you would like to add?

“The goose is loose kids, watch out. Write me in or get ready for the bird population to blow up. You though there was duck poop around Lakeside now? Just wait.”

At that moment, Goose made a hissing sound, squawked, and flew into the horizon, unable to answer any more questions.