Insidious Chapter 2 and 3 at Russell Union Theater Halloween weekend

Chris Carter

The University Programming Board has organized a showing of Insidious 2 and 3 just in time for Halloween. The showing will take place at the Russell Union Theater on Friday the 30th of October and will be a double feature with Insidious: Chapter 2 showing at 6 pm and Insidious: Chapter 3 at 8 pm. 

The movies were chosen by the programming committee within UPB because it fit the scary theme of Halloween. The Insidious movies are about a family that is persistently dogged by supernatural entities. The movies tell the story of their fight against these forces and the background of how they came to be magnets for the supernatural. 

The Insidious movies were also chosen because of the recent release of the 3rd installment. UPB wanted something new for this year’s event, so they went online and searched for the most recently released scary movies. Insidious: Chapter 3 came up and they decided to make it a double feature and show Insidious: Chapter 2 as well.

Though the movie was chosen by the UPB programming committee’s vote this time, in the future UPB may leave the choice up to a vote among the student body as a whole. 

“I think that is going to be a route that we are going to take in the future, since we have already bought these movies, we are going to wait until our next movie showing to try to open it up to the campus to pick which ever movie they want to see, probably through my involvement,” said Tori Dunn, the Late Night Committee Chair.

The movie is not all that will be going on. Viewers are encouraged to wear their scariest costumes to the showing as there will be a costume contest during the intermission between the two movies. 

Concessions will be sold but are not free, however admission is free to all students with a scan of your Eagle ID card.