Not exactly a bedtime story

Matt Sowell

What do you get when you mix a totalitarian government, twisted bedtime stories, and a Slenderman-ish guy made of pillows? “Pillowman,” the latest show to be performed in the black box theatre.

The show was a hit, it perfectly balanced horror and comedy in a way that allowed audience to nervously laugh at the edge of their seats right before squeezing their eyes shut in terror.

It’s not exactly a jump scare show, it’s more psychological terror. Think of how you feel when you ask a professor how you did on a test and they just smile; that’s how you feel when walking out of “The Pillowman.”

The stand out performances were by Greg Hernandez and the two child actors. Hernandez did a great job as usual. His portrayal of Katurian was flawless, incorporating perfectly a writer torn over his life and his work.

The child actors really only had two main parts, but they sold it well. The little boy, young Katurian, had a creepy look that was both adorable and unnerving. The girl who played the Little Jesus Girl was my personal favorite, the skit alone is worth going to see.

The show is my favorite that I’ve seen in the Black Box. That being said, I’ve never seen anything bad in The Black Box, but this one stood out. It had a tone that I wish we could see more of at Georgia Southern. Dark, mature, funny, yet incredibly deep.

You’ve got one more chance to experience the wonderful nightmare first-hand, tonight at 7:30 p.m. in The Black Box. Tickets are $6 and can be reserved ahead of a time by calling the box office. 

Your next chance to see a show will be “Creations” happening Nov. 11 – 18, followed by “Twelfth Night” in the Performing Arts Center showing March 3 – 5, and the season wraps up with “A Game of Love and Chance” finishing April 6–13.