Date Ideas While Social Distancing

Noelle Walker

Dating in itself can be hard. But when a disease sweeps across the globe, making it a national pandemic? Even harder. 

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, even with social distancing and quarantining. Without further ado, here are 10 date ideas you can do from the comfort of your own home. 

If you’re apart:

Coffee Date (Facetime Edition)*

This one is pretty simple. Plan a set time to Facetime with your (potential) significant other as if you were meeting in-person. Right before the time, make your cup of coffee and then Facetime. 

*This can also be done with dinner, whether you make it yourself or order it To-Go. This might be the perfect solution if both of you want to eat at two different places. 

Take a Virtual Tour 

There are multiple tour options on Youtube. You could wander around the Georgia Aquarium, take in the gorgeous art at the Louvre Museum or go through the rides at  Disney World. These virtual tours can last anywhere from five minutes up to an hour, giving you and your boo plenty of options. Who knows, maybe you’ll (virtually) tour a place that you decide you want to visit together in real life. 

Binge-watch a TV Series

And you thought choosing a show/movie before was hard. There’s a free website called Netflix Party that allows multiple people to see the same show or movie at once. Pop some popcorn, cuddle up with a blanket and press play! (On the plus side, now you don’t have to worry about your partner hogging all the popcorn.)

Play a Video Game Together

If you two like to play video games, now is the perfect time to really get into it. Whether you want to play against each other or on the same team, this activity allows you both to have hours of fun.

Create a List of Dates You Want to do With One Another

One of the hardest parts about dating is actually planning the dates. Now you both can brainstorm a list of activities you both would like to do. Don’t be afraid to think big, either. Your list could have everything from watching the sunset at the ocean to eating Alfredo in Italy. 

If you’re together:

Build a Blanket Fort

Honestly, what’s better than channeling your inner child and building the best fort ever? I’m talking about using all the pillows, blankets and decorations possible. Add in a lantern or two, and it makes for a creative way to spend time together. 

Make Baked Goods Together

Cookies, brownies, cakes–you name it! Baking delicious treats together can be a fun way to keep company, and it has very rewarding results.

Have an Indoor Karaoke Night

Channel you inner Beyonce, Taylor Swift or Disney star. It doesn’t matter if you’re hooking up an at-home Karaoke machine or pulling up lyrics on YouTube, Karaoke night is a great way to spend time with one another. Maybe you both have a special song that you’d like to sing with each other or a song that reminds you of your special person, which would make the night very romantic. 

Spend Some Time Outside (in Your Yard)

Whether it’s having a water gun/balloon fight, playing frisbee or taking a nice walk, it will be refreshing to get outside your four walls for a short amount of time. Besides, who doesn’t love a good water balloon fight?

Bonus: You could also have a Nerf war

Have a Game Night

Break out the Monopoly, Life and Uno for hours of fun–and hope that your relationship isn’t ruined when your partner plays a draw four card. 

While maintaining social distancing when you’re dating or in a relationship can be tough, there are still plenty of ways you both can spend time with one another. This period of time doesn’t have to tear you apart–in fact, it could even bring you both closer together. 

Have any other date ideas? Comment below!